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2023 - Hopes, Aspirations, Dreams - but never goals.

Is a goal by any other name still a goal?

Well yes, obviously it is. I just prefer to give them other names - to keep the control freak within at bay. And January 2023 is the perfect time for taking stock and pondering what lies ahead. To spend some time with my thoughts and feelings and give myself a focus for the months ahead. So here we go, 5 goal-type notions for 2023.


I'd love to blog, write and take photos again - but to be honest I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. As I explained here this blog, even though it's new, has no pressure attached to it. But I know how much insight and joy I get from blogging and I want to give myself that gift again. Let's just feel this one out and see how we go.


I love my job. I work with the elderly arranging supports and services for them so they can remain living in their own homes for the long term. I case manage some ongoingly and others for short bursts before they receive the longer term care packages. It's a privilege and very fulfilling work. But it can also be crazy, fast-paced and under-resourced work that can drain the energy from you quicker than the bath water goes down the plug hole. In 2023 I need to work on my own sustainability and balance. To be honest it's not that I'm actually bad at this now - but I know I need to keep a check myself and work wisely. Like most people I have a lot to give - but I also have a lot of places that need that giving.


Home is my favourite place - ever. I think being an introvert it's always been my sanctuary - regardless of the address. It's where I gather all of my favourite things and people and the one place I can find the space to recharge my flattery (flat battery) and learn from my own insight. In 2023 I'd like to honour this more. To make sure I give myself the time I need to indulge my introspective side and be still and at peace. Even amidstday-to-day the busy nature of day to day life.


Our family life has been hit with some massive challenges over the past few years. While navigating the pandemic we've also ridden the rapids that a cancer diagnosis brings. My husband was diagnosed with Melanoma several years back and has been sitting on the tipping point of stage three (heading over to stage 4) for the past few years. It's been a tough journey and for a myriad of reasons, our relationship has not faired well. We have three amazing 'little women' in their mid to late teenage years who have now lived through the trauma of their Dad's diagnosis while also processing a pandemic and all that it entailed. They are still facing a lot of unknowns and I desperately want their 2023 to be stablising and hopeful. Not sure exactly how to make this happen - but it's 100% a focus for my year.

Health & Fitness

Okay. This is my scary one. Not because I'm unwell - just because I never seem to be able to really make this one count. Although I hate to use the word "fail" I think it accurately describes all/most of my past attempts. And now that I've reached the wonderful age of menopause, and can I fully understand why people say their body has betrayed them, I feel it needs to be a priority. While I haven't had many of the classic symptoms, menopause has done a complete number on my joints and ligaments. Somedays walking feels like a physical challenge! I know it's time I lost some weight and learned some strategies to manage my body better. But this is my achilles' heal. I love food and am a gold card-holding member of the comforter eaters club. My brain just seems to be wired that way. 2023 needs to be the year I learn to understand why and start to move forward from this.

That's my five focus points wrapped up in a blog post. Come what may - cheers to 2023 my friends. Let's just see how it all pans out.


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Leanne Le Cras
Leanne Le Cras
Jan 04, 2023

Hi Caz - just popping over from Denyse's link up to welcome you to the party. It's always nice meeting new people and getting to know them - I hope you get to tick all 5 of your boxes in a positive way in 2023 and that you share the journey with the rest of us. Happy New Year and cheers - Leanne | crestingthehill


Jan 03, 2023

Hello. Testing some comments as they are tricky :)

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